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Come by Jade and Jewels Gift Shop 

Our inventory is always growing...

We're excited to have such quality work to showcase!

Along with our list of featured artists, here are some of the other beautiful works that you will find at Jade and Jewels: 

A Tea Leaf Jewelry, Amy Kahn Russell, Annie Koplik, Cashmere Fingerless Gloves, Daphne Lorna, DIY Miniature Houses, European Soaps, Gray Bird Designs, Harlow, Heilo, Hill Tribe Silver, Indie Moon, KBD Designs, La Vie Parisienne, Merging Metals, Muja Juma, Nancy Reid Carr, Nina J Scarves,  Sea Lily, Seventh Muse Perfumes, Sparklefarm, Sweet Romance, Temporary Tattoos, Twist Style, Urban Lace, and more! 

Wedding Earrings! At Jade and Jewels Gift Shop near Berkeley, CA!

Wedding Jewelry

Tiaras! Shop nearby Berkeley, CA, at Jade and Jewels Gift Shop!


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