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Aloha:  Hawaiian word for hello, goodbye, and good cheer, used to spread joy and kindness
Art Deco:  design and style from art and architecture popular in 1920s and 1930s, 

boldly delineated geometric shapes, truncated rectangles and echoing curves

Bas Relief: a shallow relief pattern on wood or ceramic
Bezel:  a round setting used to frame a stone in jewelry
Bohemian: a gypsy inspired, colorful, ethnic, artistic aesthetic
Briolette: a semiprecious stone cut into a faceted teardrop shape
Bronze:  a copper and brass alloy

Cabochon:  a rounded domed flat back stone
chatoyancy: the iridescent shimmer in the cleave of certain stones, such as feldspars or labradorite

CZs (Cubic Zirconia): man-made Crystal rhinestones

dark academic jewelry:  pagan themed with magical lore

Eclectic: a collection consisting of the best styles curated from diverse sources
Electroforming: electrical bath that transfers metal onto stones
Enigmatic:  inexplicable, mysterious 
Ethically Sourced: products and services from each point of a business' supply chain are obtained in an ethical way, which includes upholding rights, decent working conditions, health, safety, and fair wages

Evil Eye:  protective symbol used to ward off evil
Eye of Horus:  Egyptian protective eye symbol 

Fair Trade:  employing people at fair wages and under humane conditions to make a product for sale
Fleur dis Lis:  French Royalty coat of arms symbol

Ganesh: Hindu god of new beginnings, and remover of obstacles
Granulation: tiny silver balls used as decorative accents on jewelry
Gypsum: aka Faience, a plaster or claylike substance made of limestone in Egypt

Hamza: aka Hand of Fatima, protective symbol from Islamic and Judaic cultures
Horus:  in Egyptology he is a falcon/man god who is lord of the sky, son of Osiris and Isis
Huggies:  close fitting snap close hoop earrings
Huipil: a traditional richly embroidered garment worn by indigenous people in South       


Ikat:  Indonesian textile technique in which warp and weft threads are tie-dyed before weaving

Kantha Cloth:  Textile Art term for cloth embellished with contrasting color lines of basted threads
Kilim: a flat-woven rug made in Turkey

Lost wax casting:  metal casting in which molten metal is poured into a mold that has been created by means of a wax model

Marquise cut:  an oblong shape with pinched point ends, an elongated eye shape
Merkaba: a yoga 3-D symbol for generating energy, a form of divine protection in and of itself, chariot mysticism or path of ascension to higher dimensions or divine light, literally translates as Light/Spirit/Body

Millefiore:  Italian glasswork technique, tightly packed glass canes cut into geometric sections resembling a thousand flowers
Miyuki:  high-quality faceted tubular seed beads made in Japan

Neolithic Netting:  an ancient knotting technique invented by prehistoric people
Nephrite:  a tough, fibrous mineral consisting of calcium magnesium silicate, a dark opaque Jade different from translucent jadeite 


Ombré:  a technique of dying whereby one color gradually morphs into another one

Peyotestitch:  beadwork, a spiral brickwork pattern
PMC (Precious Metal Clay):  fine silver or gold ground extremely small and suspended in a binder to create clay

Prong setting:  a star shaped setting with tiny teeth that secure the stone

Reticulation:  minuscule silver dots used as texturing on jewelry 
Rivolis: complex color faceted crystal no-hole focal points commonly set in bezel settings or beadwork


Sarcophagus:  a specialized coffin painted in the likeness of a ruler in Egypt
Scarab:  a beetle symbol representing eternal life in Egyptology 
Sekhmet:  a fierce warrior and gentle healer in Egyptian mythology, Goddess of medicine, 

“she who is powerful”
Semiprecious:  a myriad of stones less expensive than precious stones (like diamonds)
Shibori:  Japanese tie-dye technique results in tiny puckered contrasting color shapes
Soutache:  fiber arts, a ribbon-like brocade used to fasten buttons or as a decoration on clothing

Steam Punk:  a style of jewelry that includes gears, cogs and other machinery parts that echo the locomotive
Suiseki:  Japanese viewing stone, shaped by nature, only cut on the bottom, set in a contoured wooden base and used for contemplation 

Sustainably Sourced: when selecting suppliers, consideration is given to the supplier's social, ethical and environmental practices as part of responsible supply chain management 
Swarovski Crystals:  high-quality faceted glass crystals patented by the Swarovski family of the Czech Republic

Talisman:  an object thought to have magical powers and to bring good luck

Upcycle: re-use of discarded items into new and creative product
Ushapti:  Egyptian term means “answerer,” figurines were placed in tombs to answer the call
of their owner to perform tasks

Vermeil: high karat gold coating over sterling silver


The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms. Socrates 

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